Episode Five: Michelle & Briggon


Emma Mantoani roasts Gabriel Urbina.


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TESS (as narrator): Welcome to Honey Roast, a wholesome hopepunk podcast where every other week, guest stars “roast” a creator that they love and are inspired by. Together, we’re bringing a little more love and hope in the world and introducing listeners to new creators through sweetness and delight. Major thank you to our Indiegogo Producers who helped make this show a reality: Robert Anderson, Robert Van de Motter, Alex Hensley, Kyle Decker, Richard Kreutz-Landry, Ryan Boelter, Tau Zaman, and Bradley Duesler.

MICHELLE: I was like, oh, my goodness, like, Where did you find this actor?


MICHELLE: The way that he acts is so natural, but it's also elevated.

TESS (as narrator): This is Honey Roast.

MICHELLE: Because he did have this infectious enthusiasm.

He was just talking in that first episode and I was like, wow, this is good. This is so good.

TESS (as narrator): I'm Tess and I'm your host.


TESS: So Michelle, who are you roasting?

MICHELLE: I am roasting Briggon Snow.

TESS: Ooooh. Tell me about Briggon Snow to start with.

MICHELLE: So Briggon is an actor on The Bright Sessions, among other things, but that was the first thing he did. And that was the first time that I heard him. So the first time I encountered Briggon's work was after listening to The Bright Sessions, which, interestingly enough, I listened to after I had already met Lauren Shippen. She was friends with some of my friends, and we had all met up for... talk about podcast things and I was like, wow, Lauren's awesome, I should listen to her podcast, and I started listening to The Bright Sessions. And it's awesome. We all know, great storyline, great actors, but I was especially struck by this teenage boy and I was like, "wow, how is this teenage boys so emotionally mature?"

(Michelle and Tess laugh)

MICHELLE: I was like, "Oh, my goodness, like, where did she find this actor? Like, this is amazing!" And so of course, I looked him up, and he was not a teenage boy at the time. But I was very impressed with Briggon and his voice acting and... I... how I felt... I felt he was able to convey just how a teenager's mind works and feels so honestly. And so, um, with such articulation, which is also Lauren's writing. But the way that he was saying it, I really did think he was a teenager, but I thought he was a teenager with this like well of experience that I certainly did not have at the time. Of course, I found out that, that is kind of like Briggon, so...

TESS: Briggon Snow is an actor whose voice can be heard featured on many podcasts, but especially on Arcs, Super Ordinary, and of course, The Bright Sessions. He’s also one of the founding members of the podcast network Aytpical Artists. The Bright Sessions is created by Lauren Shippen. Dr. Bright provides therapy for the strange and unusual; their sessions have been recorded for research purposes. Briggon plays on of those strange and unusual, a teenage boy named Caleb. So before Michelle and I started recording, she told me that she lived in LA and knew Briggon, and so I asked her about their first meeting, and what it was like meeting this actor that impressed her so much.

MICHELLE: The first time I met him was after I moved to Los Angeles. We were at like a podcasting meetup because we have a lot of those because we like to hang out. And I saw that he was there, like someone was like, Oh, well, that's Briggon.  Like, somebody just said Briggon and I was like, "Oh my God, is that Briggon Snow?" And we were all, like, talking to our respective friends and I kind of like fan girled a little... fangirled a little bit. And it wasn't like... this was not like a big meetup. Like, the podcast meetups were not like a big thing at this point. So it's still like only a couple of us. So it was still kind of weird to like fangirl out because most people already knew each other. And I just didn't know people because I just moved to Los Angeles.

So I kind of like to have him on the shoulder at the end of the night was like, "Hi, like, I'm Michelle. Like, I'm from Wolf 359. Like, I love your work. Like, I would love to talk to you. Like, do you want to get coffee or something?" And Briggon was like, "Yeah, of course!" and was super nice about me being what I felt like was really awkward. And we exchanged numbers, and we scheduled coffee for the next week, and it was lovely. And Briggon was just as lovely in person as I imagined him being hearing his voice and he was so kind and so helpful. And now we see each other all the time, I guess!

TESS: I only began listening to The Bright Sessions this year, and largely because it had sat in my podcatcher for ages, with the little red badge reminding me I had over 80 unlistened-to episodes. I didn’t realize I could go through them as quickly as I have. At the time of this recording, I’ve listened to 35 episodes. I began my listen while doing dishes on a sunny Saturday afternoon and still can’t stop listening. That was about a week ago. Every episode is like snooping into a therapist’s files, only with way more drama and intrigue than I think an every-day therapist would have. Caleb is absolutely one of my favourite characters. And Michelle was right… if she hadn’t told me about Briggon before, I definitely would have assumed that this was a teenage voice actor. Briggon is a stunning voice actor. So I ask Michelle if it took a few episodes of The Bright Sessions before she really fell for Briggon’s acting, or if there was a specific episode that really struck her that his work would be something to pay attention to.

MICHELLE: I mean, it was the first. It was the first episode he was in. I was really just struck by this Caleb character and the actor that was playing him. He was just talking in that first episode and I was like, "Wow! This is good. This is so good!" I, like I said before, it was like who is this teenage boy? What teenage boy has this depth of emotion? Now, I guess no, no offense to teenage boys. I have a little brother. I certainly interacted with teenage boys when I was younger. And I'm sure some of them are very emotionally deep. But I hadn't heard a... a teenage boy voice actor like that.

TESS: How much time was there between when you heard his voice for the first time and when you met him and had that like fan-girling moment?

MICHELLE: It was probably about a year, I would say because I was living in New York and then I moved to Los Angeles. I think... Oh, you know what, I think I was talking to Lauren. And we were like, you know, Oh, I'm moving Los Angeles, like let's get together on the West Coast because we got together on the East Coast during the holidays and such when she was home. And I was like, "Can I meet Briggon?" I think I was like, "I want to meet Briggon. Like, can I meet him?" And she was like, "Yeah, Michelle, of course, it's really easy." And I was like, "Okay, because I want to!" I just kind of wanted to make sure I have like a go between.

TESS: Were you prepared at that meetup that he was going to be there and you were going to like it, for sure  meet him that time?

MICHELLE: Oh, I have no idea. I don't think I was expecting that. I think it was just more excited to see people I know right after I moved to Los Angeles, I was like, "Oh yay! I'm gonna get to see people and I'm gonna get to meet their friends." And we're going to be able to make all these friendships actually real, like, most of the people there I had at least heard of.

TESS: Right.

MICHELLE: So it was nice to finally meet them. And it was kind of like, oh, and Briggon's here, great! Definitely want to get coffee with him.

TESS: So since having coffee with him, and, like, you know, developing this friendship with him, like, how do you feel about his work now as a friend versus as a fan?

MICHELLE: Um, okay, well, I'm not sure if I would... I mean, we're friendly. You know?

TESS: Okay, my mistake!

MICHELLE: I wouldn't say we were like, best friends... ... Sorry, Briggon, if you're listening to this, and you like thought you're my friend. Maybe we are friends? We're certainly friendly. But, uh, how is listening to his work changed?

TESS: Yeah.

MICHELLE: I mean, it's nice to have a face to connect with his work. But I I feel like, you know, I've heard Briggon in The Bright Sessions, and he was so fantastic in his episode of The Big Loop: Goodbye, Mr. Adams.

TESS: Oh, yes.

MICHELLE: Just so amazing. But all of those times bringing is playing these teenage boys. And he does it so well. And I think, hmm. How does that compare to like, how I know Briggon in person? I don't know. I guess he's still kind of like the same. Just like not a teenage boy. And I feel like... I actually, I work as a tutor. So I deal with teenage boys very often. And so I guess Briggon is and isn't like a teenage boy. I would say he's young at heart. For sure.

TESS: You know, you you've talked a lot about Caleb on The Bright Sessions. Is there any particular episode or like, in general, like style of his that just like, really speaks to you of like the quality of his acting?

MICHELLE: I think it's that episode of The Big Loop. It was such a great episode, and he really killed it.

TESS: How did you feel listening to it? Like, what... What did it make you feel?

MICHELLE: Hmmmm. Okay, so actually, this is something with me when I listen to good work in general. So I'm an actress, right? And I'm so excited when I feel like something is really good. Like, it's so exciting to me. And sometimes that excitement over how great it is, can kind of overshadow the actual material and its effect on me. Because I'm just like listening to it, and I'm like, "Oh, they killed it right there. Like, oh, like that was masterful!" And that's like, I'm like, so excited and happy about that. But the actual work and how it's supposed to be making me feel or like, the contents of it aren't really landing because I'm just so excited by how amazing it is.

TESS: That's really adorable actually. I love that.

TESS (as narrator): Briggon’s work clearly has a lot of meaning to Michelle as both a listener and an actor herself. The more we chat, and the more she tells me about why his work is meaningful, the more I realize that she isn’t likely to miss a single thing he acts in.

MICHELLE: I would say if anything that Briggon was in I would listen to, just because I want to hear what he does with it. You know, as an actor, I'm really impressed by actors that I admire, and I want to see what they're doing. You know, like, if I think someone's really good at something, I want to see what they do. I'm interested in seeing how they did something like how they took a piece of text and turned it into what they ended up doing. I'm curious about that.

TESS: Yeah.

MICHELLE: Also Briggon's like a super nice guy. And he is really fun. And I also like the other people that he works with a lot as well. Like I'm super excited about Atypical Artists; Listen to an episode of ARCS or two. I like all those people. Oh, yeah, Briggon on ARCS! That's really cute. Just like major props to Briggon for doing a live play D&D podcast with like very little D&D experience. Like it's great. I love listening to it because I have almost no D&D experience either. So I like hearing somebody else go through it.

TESS (as narrator): Atypical Artists is a podcast network. It is built on the belief that to make the most compelling stories, you need to empower a diverse and passionate set of creators; in other words, make neat stuff, with neat people. Founded by Lauren Shippen, Jordan Cope and Briggon Snow in 2019, Atypical Artists is an all-in-house production studio cultivating fresh narratives across a wide-breadth of entertainment mediums, from a core background of fiction podcast storytelling. These are the people behind the audio fiction podcasts The Bright Sessions and The AM Archives, and the Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, actual play podcast ARCS. I just started ARCs last week and am already hooked into these characters’ and the story this group is telling.

MICHELLE: Oh, I think you should check out Briggon Snow's work if you are an actor or interested in being one. And I did mean it when I said actor and not just voice actor, because I think that Briggon is very good at what he does. And he's a great person to listen to, and to be inspired by. I mean, I feel like I listened a lot to Briggon's work. And I think about how he got there, you know? Like, What's that? What's that self help book, 'Steal Like An Artist?' You know, it's like, "hmm, like, wow, that was so good. How can I replicate that? You know?" It's, he's just so sincere and so honest. I mean, even when he's like hesitating or acting like a teenager, it's just well rounded. It's like a rounded off in a way that makes me really believe him. It's so natural, the way that he acts is so natural, but it's also elevated. It's like, very natural, but you get the stakes of what he's doing. It's great.

TESS: I love that.

TESS (as narrator): Briggon is clearly an inspiration for Michelle and other actors, so I ask her about the technical side of acting and how she evaluates and listens to his work?

MICHELLE: I think what really got to me it's like the way he acts like, somebody younger. And, you know, I definitely listen being like, Okay, so how, how are the inflections? Like, like, how is he saying this so that it sounds younger than he is? That's probably really only the really only technical thing that I'm thinking about really when I'm listening to him? Is like, Okay, what are the technical things he does to make this person sound younger? Otherwise, I'm just kind of listening and appreciating.

TESS: If Briggon were to be listening to this, what would you say to make him really understand how important his work is to you?

MICHELLE: Well, I would kind of be embarrassed, which I have a feeling bringing is going to listen to this.

(both laugh)

So hi, Briggon! Here is a shout-out from me right now. But no, no, I shouldn't be embarrassed because I definitely have told Briggon that I think his work is amazing before. And we shouldn't be embarrassed to say nice things about people. You know, like, I think this whole podcast idea is great. You know, people talking about work that inspires them. Like that's awesome, especially since probably a lot of us at least know each other in passing, which is really cool. And I do think that oftentimes, we're like, awkward about looking weird, but just from even some of my experience of people telling me they like my work. It's like, I also feel weird, like you know, it, we shouldn't feel embarrassed about it.

I mean, I would definitely tell Briggon that he's an inspiration to me as an actor, as well as an inspiration to me as a voice actor. And also I look up to him because I only moved to LA recently. And I feel like he has been so happy in this city and has made such a nice life for himself. And I, that's really inspirational to me, because I got to LA from New York City. And I like honestly wasn't too thrilled with the city. Even though I did want to move here, like, this was my choice. Nobody made me, of course. Briggon is just so positive and so energetic about the city and how he just landed here and he loved it.

And he was a great person to talk to and to get coffee with when I first got here, because he did have this infectious enthusiasm for the city of Los Angeles. And I definitely aspire to that. And it was so good to hear from somebody that was saying things like everything good that happened in his life happened when he got to Los Angeles. Now Briggon, I don't know that for sure. But I remember you saying that to me. So.

Oh, I do want to say I definitely want to get this in about Briggon. I'm not sure how hard he's working on this right now. But I know a couple months to a year ago, he was really trying to spearhead this movement to get audio drama on IMDB, which I thought was an awesome thing for the community.

TESS: Yeah!

MICHELLE: Yeah. Now, I'm not sure, I think Julia Morizawa was working on this as well. So I'm not sure like if there was a spearhead but I know that Briggon was also working on it. I mean, I think that's great. Like, I don't know how often you're on IMDB, but like there's a lot of stuff on IMDB like every single short film and web series or whatever.

TESS: Yeah.

MICHELLE: So why isn't an audio drama on there? And it would be a great way for the community to connect with each other. If you really liked something you could look somebody up? It would go a long way to, towards legitimizing what we do.

TESS: Yeah, absolutely.

MICHELLE: Yeah, I think it's awesome. Like, for instance, I'm listening to Red Rhino right now. And like, I would love to know more about some of those actors because they are killing it. But how do I, like I really have to go and stalk them instead of just looking somebody up on IMDB seeing all their things. I mean, even before this roast, I went online to look up what Briggon had done in the audio drama world, at least just to kind of make sure to see if I had everything or what I was missing. And I like there's really no good way to find out. You know, it's like we're not really seeing like too many lists. And if we have something like audio drama being an IMDB would be very easy to find out.

TESS: Yeah. But no, I definitely think like that being something on IMDB would be like extremely good. Because you know, you've got voice actors on IMDB for all sorts of like animated things and video games, you know, so like, why not audio fiction as well.

MICHELLE: Yeah. And I thought it was really cool that Briggon was working on that. I thought that was good for all of us.

TESS: Yeah. That is very cool. I like that.

So you told me right before we started recording that you have some pretty great honey roast related jokes all prepared.

MICHELLE: Okay. pretty great? Is like...

TESS: Yeah.

MICHELLE: Well, that's like, those are your words.

TESS: I believe in you.

MICHELLE: Pretty great are your words. Yeah, okay. So um, because I heard this is a roast and it was like a positive roast. I like wrote some pretty, some pretty bad roast strokes.

TESS: Oh, I want to hear them so badly.

MICHELLE: Yeah, like Briggon's from Maine. What kind of place is that? I mean, I visited a couple times and it's really beautiful. Especially in the summer.

Briggon... ... at least, you're laughing!

TESS: I love this so much.

MICHELLE: Okay, I have more.

TESS: Okay. I'm ready.

MICHELLE:  Briggon's so enthusiastic. He has a good attitude that is infectious to everyone around him.

TESS: I love how you're doing the voice. Like it's a negative roast, but it's not.

MICHELLE: Okay. Well, I'm glad that tone is coming across.

TESS: That's part of why I'm laughing so hard.

MICHELLE: Really? I really don't feel like I'm nailing that. But...

TESS: I definitely think you are, you've got this.

MICHELLE: Briggon's so sincere. You could ask him for advice and he will very kindly give it to you.

Briggon's so nice. That's all I can really say about him.

I hear he's getting married soon. I wish him all the happiness in the world.

TESS: The cheese... just... I love it. Just keep churning it out.

MICHELLE: You named this podcast Honey Roast.

TESS: I did. It's perfect.

TESS (as narrator): Briggon Snow’s work continues to astound me. He’s very talented and has an incredible range, and from what Michelle says, an genuinely kindhearted person too. You can find more of Briggon’s work by going to atypicalartists.co. Links to the website and twitter are in the shownotes.

TESS (as narrator): It’s that time of the show again, and I’m so stoked for this reverse roast. What Michelle didn’t realize when we talked is that I was having the same silent fan-girling over her that she had over Briggon when they met for the first time.  Take a seat, because it’s story time with Tess and it’s all about Michelle. You heard in the episode with Emma Mantoani about how Wolf 359 being my first audio drama. Without any spoilers, Michelle’s character is not only one of my favourites in that show, but also the most tragic. If I could save any of the characters in Wolf 359 from their fate, it would be Maxwell.

I fell hard for Michelle’s acting after the introduction of Maxwell, and quickly found her on Arden, another favourite of mine, where her character makes me laugh to the point of snorting out loud awkwardly in grocery stores. She’ll also be playing Jessi in the upcoming Hit The Bricks podcast.  Michelle not only graciously gave her time to me to come on the show, but she chatted with me off mic about Wolf, about Arden, about Briggon, and about Honey Roast. She gave me, a total stranger to her who only knew her through her acting, encouragement and excitement over my show and total faith that I could pull this off.

Michelle’s laugh is infectious, her acting impeccable, and her kindness overwhelming and delightful. I had so much fun chatting with her. You should absolutely listen to her work and follow and interact with her on twitter. She really is a wonderful person, and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to have her on the show.  

Michelle: Thank you so much for talking with me and acting some of my favourite characters. You’re amazing. I fully expect Jessi to become a new favourite once we hear more from her.  

Briggon, if you’re listening: Thank you so much for being such an amazing inspiration to voice actors in the industry. Thank you for giving so much heart into your characters and bringing them to life off the pages. Thank you for giving the fodder for Michelle to write the cheesiest and sweetest roast jokes ever written.  Thank you so much, both of you. Cheers and Sweetness.


Honey Roast is co-produced by Tess Cocchio and Julia Schifini, edited by Tess Cocchio and Julia Schifini, with sound design by Julia Schifini. Special thanks to our creative consultant, Wil Williams. Our visual design and art assets are by Mandy Corcoran and our theme music is composed by Emily E. Meo. All music from this episode, apart from the theme music, is by Komiku on the Free Music Archive and licensed under a Creative Commons license. Link in the shownotes.

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